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          The tradition began with a musician family. My grandfather was a violonist

and he was capable of fixing his own instruments.This is how the construction of

musical instruments began in our family.

           I was born on a cold December day more accurately on 15 December

1969. I don't know how the years passed until the age of 11, but I remember

that in that period I was interested in hand planes ( which I thought were some

toy cars ) where with my grandfather Kalas Istvan of Czech nationality,

modelled the form of the instruments.

          I was fascinated by those tools and for this reason

I was always around my grandfather's workshop, which

was my grandmother's kitchen.

          At age of 14 I managed to manufacture my first

violin bridge which was appreciated by my grandfather, he

even used it for one of his violins.

          In 1988 I graduated the vocational school and in the same year I

was hired by a musical instruments factory from Reghin.Meanwhile in 1990

I graduated the woodworking high school.

          In 1990 I was hired by a private musical instruments factory, where

I graduated the foreman school and in 2001 I was certified as a luthier 1.

          During 15 years in the factory my work was appreciated in

America, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, but they were not signed

with my name ,because I worked under a blazon thus I decided to

open my own business.

          My instruments signed by me are made traditionally and for me ,they are my children in my family.

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